Summer Flower Show 2021



The Summer flower show was another Virtual show, due to the ongoing restrictions.

Many thanks for all of your wonderful entries! Please click through the galleries and enjoy the wonderful photos!

All entries received by the cut off point have now been uploaded to the website and have been judged.  No trophies or prizes will be awarded for virtual shows.             

We have shown a reduced number of classes for the virtual shows. Fingers crossed we will be back up to our full, real life, show in the Autumn.

NOTE FROM THE JUDGES: Well done to all the exhibitors for making such an effort and for the quality of their photographs.

Congratulations to all of our exhibitors

A Hannah Ivinson

B Evie-Rose Ivinson

C Jan Seymour

D Beryl Bancroft

E Sarah DeCoverly

F Roger Fermor

G Alison Cunningham

H Sarah Cogswell

I Liz Denham

J Trish Fermor

K Penny McDermott

L Arianwen and Christopher Neve

M Carly Downing

N Derek Downing

O Barbara Craig

P Carol Somers

Q Sue McAuley

R Jeremy Boxall

S Emma Hanlon

T Cedar Thomas-Davies

U Juniper Thomas-Davies

V Jerome Davies

W Nicky Thomas-Davies

X Lynne Bancroft

Y Richard Ivinson

1 Vegetables: Any Vegetable

2 Fruit: Plate of any Soft Fruit, 1 variety

3 Flowers: 1 or 3 stems (different varieties) of Herbaceous Perennials.    Herbaceous Perennials are non-woody plants that live for several years and need to be cut back to the ground each year.  Examples: Alchemilla Mollis, Aquilegia, Dahlia, Delphinium, Euphorbia, Everlasting Wallflowers, Geranium, Geum, Hellibore, Heuchera, Iris, Lily, Lupins, Penstemon, Peony, Scabious, Sedum, Schizostylis, Rudbekia

4 Flowers: 5 Pansies or 5 Violas, one or more varieties, on a saucer or plate

5 Flowers: A Collection of Summer Flowers from your garden. No Shrubs or roses. 

6 Flowers: Bowl of floating flower head(s), of one variety

7 Rose: 1 single Rose, any variety, with own foliage – no extra buds

8 Roses: 3 Roses, Large-Flowered (Hybrid Tea), any variety or varieties (buds removed)

No Entries

9 Roses: 3 Old English Roses any variety or varieties (buds removed)

10 Roses: 1 spray of Cluster Roses, any variety

11 Flower arrangement: A “Riot of Colour” – in container of any size

12 Flower arrangement: An Exhibit of Herbs

Comment from the Judges: Sissinghurst always seems to excel at flower arranging!

13 Cookery: 2 filled meringues – own recipe

14 Photography: A close up of my favourite flower

15 Handicrafts: A Model or Carving made out of wood, plasticine, clay or vegetables

16 Handicrafts: A Pin Cushion

Childrens’ class:

Make your own Mask (The mask does not need to be photographed on a real head, but, if it is, please note that the photo will be freely available on the internet on the SFSS website)

1st Prize Olivia

2nd Prize Rafiqa

Joint 3rd Prize Annie and Jack

Note from the Judges : Oh so difficult to judge. Well done to all the children.