Virtual Spring Flower Show 2020

Many thanks for all your entries and for supporting the Sissinghurst Flower Show. We loved your entries. They have been judged by Royal Horticultural Society judges, just as if this were a real show. 

Class 1

A daffodil or daffodils

3 Categories – Singles, Growing in the Garden and Vase

Barbara Craig


Peter Denyer SINGLE 1st prize Lovely healthy bloom
Alf O’Connor Age 13
GROWING IN THE GARDEN 3rd prize – Did you put a spider in the trumpet? Very clever!
Jennie Ivinson


Ruby P Age 5 Commended
Jenny May VASE 1st Place Pretty display with so many varieties


Hannah Ivinson SINGLE 3rd Prize


Nicky Thomas-Davies GROWING IN THE GARDEN Highly Commended


Jerome Davies GROWING IN THE GARDEN 2nd Place


Lynne Bancroft


Juliet Mellor VASE 3rd Place Nice vase and blooms


Scott Martin


Kate Herbert SINGLES – 4th Place


Danielle and Sienna Sage GROWING IN THE GARDEN 1st prize – Very nice and fresh looking, blemish free


Claire Leach  VASE Highly Commended


Andrew Chandler GROWING IN THE GARDEN 4th Place


Sarah DeCoverley


Beryl Bancroft VASE 2nd Place Lovely display


Class 2

3 Tulips


Lynne Bancroft 1st Place 3 good sized, balanced and blemish free
Sienna  Age 13 2nd place Lovely red tulip looking lovely next to the Forget me nots.


Class 3

1 Camellia

Jennie Ivinson
Emily Age 10
3rd Prize Lovely Camellia, well done!
Jenny May


Juliet Mellor 1st Place – Is it real? It’s so good!
Lynne Bancroft
Christina Yates
Christina Yates
Alf O’Connor Age 13
Aubrey  Age 11
Beryl Bancroft
Karen Williams


Jo Smith 2nd Place Lovely white bloom


Danielle Sage Highly Commended – Too many Camellias but a lovely looking plant!


Class 4

A collection of spring flowers in a jar

Barbara Craig 1st Prize – Just lovely
Jenny May 2nd Prize
Jackie Lay
Aubrey  Age 11 Highly Commended
Cecily Hanson 4th Prize
Beryl Bancroft Joint 3rd Prize
Sarah DeCoverley Joint 3rd Prize NHS SUPERSTAR!

Class 5

A cactus or flowering pot plant

Margaret Luck 2nd Prize
Mike Newsom
B Lewis 1st Prize
Hannah Ivinson
Nicky Thomas-Davies
Jerome Davies 4th Prize
Alf O’Connor Age 13 Highly Commended
Hector Year 5 Highly Commended Very clever of you to put cactus next to the blue grape hyacinth in the garden.
John Bancroft 3rd Prize
Beryl Bancroft
Andrew Chandler
Andrew Chandler

Class 6

Spring bulbs competition using bulbs from the Autumn show


Andrew Chandler 4th Prize


Cedar Age 14 1st Prize Very Nice
Juniper Age 13 3rd Prize Very tall daffodils!
Magnus Age 3! 2nd Prize – Very well done !


Class 7

Any vegetable from your garden

Lynne Bancroft 1st Prize
Barbara Craig 2nd Prize

Class 8 Flower arrangement

An exhibit in a cup and saucer

Beryl Bancroft 3rd Prize


Nicky Thomas-Davies 2nd Prize
Jenny May Joint 1st Prize
Barbara Craig Joint 1st prize

Class 9 Cookery

Best decorated chocolate cake

Harry Joint 2nd prize
Isobel Thomas-Horton Joint 2nd prize
Jennie Ivinson Joint 1st Prize
Bea Age 10 Joint 1st Prize


Class 10 Photography

An old house

Peter Mellor 2nd Prize
Alf  O’Connor Age 13 3rd Prize – Lovely old house indeed.
Roger Fermor


Jerome Davies
Jerome Davies
Nicky Thomas-Davies 1st Prize
Hannah Ivinson
Sue McCauley 4th Prize
Isobel Thomas-Horton

Children’s Classes

Class 11

3 Cupcakes decorated for spring

Marcus Age 6 Highly Commended
Isabella Age 8 Highly Commended
Lottie year 4 1st Prize – Good spring decoration
William D Reception Class Highly Commended
Lily S Age 9 Highly Commended
Evie Rose  Age 13 Highly Commended
 Lion Class Age4
Arthur N Age 4 3rd Prize
Alice I Age 10 Highly Commended
Beth Highly Commended
Tom DC Age 8 2nd Prize

Class 12

A decorated hard boiled egg.

Ezra Age 5 Highly commended
Honey Age 7 1st Prize
Seb  Age 7 Highly Commended
Mai Age 7 Highly commended – What fun!
 Age 4
James P Age 4 Joint 3rd prize
 Age 8
Annabel P Age 8 Joint 3rd prize


Ruby P Age 5 Highly Commended
Violet A Age 11 2nd Prize