Virtual Summer Flower Show 2020

Welcome to the Sissinghurst Flower Show Society Virtual Summer Show!

Your entries have been judged by Royal Horticultural Show judges just as if this were a real show.

To see exhibits in their full glory, please click on the photo and scroll through the gallery!

Prizewinners names are on the photos. All entrants names and codes are listed at the bottom of the page.

Class 1

Vegetables: Any Vegetable (see here for quantities) NB Rhubarb is a vegetable.

Class 2

Fruit: Plate of any soft fruit, 1 variety (see here for quantities)

Class 3

Flowers: 1 or 3 stems (different varieties) of Herbaceous Perennials

Class 4

Flowers: 5 Pansies or 5 Violas, one or more varieties, on a saucer or plate

Class 5

Flowers: A collection of summer flowers from your garden. No shrubs or roses.

Class 6

Flowers: Bowl of floating flower head(s), of one variety

Class 7

Rose: 1 single Rose, any variety, with own foliage – no extra buds.

Class 8

Roses: 3 Roses, Large-flowered (Hybrid Tea), any variety or varieties (buds removed)

Class 9

Roses: 3 Old English Roses any variety or varieties (buds removed)

Class 10

Roses: 1 spray of Cluster Roses, any variety

Class 11

Flower arrangement: A garden in a seed tray (other materials allowed)

Class 12

Flower arrangement: An exhibit of Herbs

Class 13

Cookery: 4 Jam tarts – own recipe

Class 14

Photography: A farm animal

Class 15

Handicrafts: A model or carving made out of wood, plasticine, clay or vegetables

Class 16

Handicrafts: A handmade card

Childrens Class:

Make your own crown (entries do not need to be on an actual head!)

If you would like to join the flower show as a family, single member or committee member, please contact us through the website contact form or via

Thank you all for your entries

A  Beryl Bancroft 

B Karen Williams 

C Penny Durie 

D Isabelle 

E Marcus 

F Penny Harrison 

G Jeremy Boxall  

H Godfrey Hawkes 

I Roger Fermor 

J Trish Fermor 

K Daisy 

L Polly 

M Bernard Hart 

N Daphne Hart 

O Lynne Ivinson 

P Juniper 

Q Nicky Thomas-Davies 

R Anna Emmanuel 

S Oliver 

T Sarah DeCoverley 

U Harry DC

V Tom 

W Janice Aspinall 

X Jonathan Gurr 

Y Duncan Crane 

Z Tanya Crane 

AA Liz Denham 

BB Rev Pete Deaves 

CC Arthur 

DD Margaret Luck 

EE Ruth Hancock 

FF Magnus 

GG Jenny May

HH Cyd Hodson 

II Carly Downing 

JJ Laura Smith

KK Harrison  

LL Barbara Craig 

MM Mitzi Newsom 

NN Juliet Mellor 

OO Harry  D

PP Penelope Patterson

QQ Fiona Chandler 

RR Aibhlinn 

SS Emily  

TT Beth 

UU Jen Ivinson 

VV Pat Stears 

WW Poppy-Rose  

XX Heidi  

YY Thalia 

ZZ Sue McCauley 

AAA Milicent 

BBB Kate Munden 

CCC Mark Wade 

DDD Tally Wade 

EEE Jan Seymour 

FFF Hannah Ivinson 

GGG Alfie O’Connor

HHH Jo O’Connor

III Chloe